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FairFoodie is 100% Australian

This site is 100% managed, develop and promoted for Australians by Australians. If you're looking to locate and support Australian producers and small businesses then you've come to the right place.

If you feel passionate about helping our cause, get in touch. We are always looking to grow and expand with our community's help and partnerships.

Lisa Papallo

👋 Co-Founder, Partnerships & Comms — 💌 - 🇦🇺 Central Coast (GMT+9.30)


Lisa is passionate about maintaining access to healthy and sustainable food sources and the ethical treatment of animals, lands and its people. This is why she is keen to see the Australian people empowered to take control of their own businesses and build direct channels to customers, reducing their reliance on large controlling retail giants. Over the past few years, Lisa has seen the struggles our producers and small business owners have faced with economic and logistical challenges and hopes that FairFoodie gives them some hope to be able to operate independently in the digital world. Lisa once overcame her own health challenges through an extreme shift in diet and lifestyle, which is why she understands the importance of knowing exactly how and where ones food is produced. She is always excited to meet food and beverage producers, hear their stories and celebrate those unique and fabulous skills our communities have to offer.

Arthur Branco

👋 Co-Founder, Tech & Logistics — 💌 — 🇦🇺 Central Coast (GMT+9.30)


Arthur is the NERD of this business. He built the FairFoodie platform from scratch at the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic in early 2020. It took a few attempts, lots of learning, trials and plenty of set-backs before we got to where we are today, but now he is proud to present you with this amazing platform. We are not perfect, but we always strive for it, and his goal is to keep improving and developing more tools to help Australian businesses thrive. His vision is to create this interactive and collaborative marketplace to support our local producers to ensure we get healthier food on our plates. Arthur is also a fitness fanatic, grows his own veggie patch and makes his own home-made kombucha.

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